4G Boat Security and Monitoring

Boating becomes a way of life, we invest our time and money to keep our boats in top shape for our next trip, to be ready to create more priceless memories, to win that next tournament or to enjoy the water with the family and friends… countless ways that we interact with the water. 


LocMarine 4G HUB is a complete worldwide cellular base remote monitoring package for your boat, it constantly checks vital information and instantly sends notifications to your mobile phone when a critical event occurs. Helps avoid damages or loss from water leaks, faulty shore power or dead battery, also effective against theft with our security sensors, alarm integrations and real time location with Geo-Fence.  


LocMarine provides you with peace of mind that your boat will be safe when not in use and ready for your next trip.

Main Features

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Bilge Pump

Monitor your bilge pump activity and get real time alerts

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Shore Power

Monitor your shore power or battery charger with our built-in module, no additional parts needed (works for 120V or 240V )

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Monitor your battery voltage real time and receive low voltage alerts

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High Water Alarm

Monitor your existing high water alarm system or start to use the LocMarine HUB as a high water alarm by simply installing a float switch of your preference. (float switch not provided)

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Security Alarm

Receive an alert if someone opens your boat door or hatch using our included marine grade reed switch or just connect to your existing alarm system.

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Backup Power Alert

If your HUB main power cable is cut or disconnected, the backup battery power will kick in and you'll receive an alert.

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GPS Location

Locate your boat anytime with the built-in GPS option.

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Geo-Fence Alarm

Receive an alert if your boat moves or anchor drift from a preset location.

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IP67 Rating

Water and high-temperature resistant HUB, designed for marine environments.

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4G LTE Technology

The fastest and newest technology available for Worldwide coverage*

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Easy Installation

Made in the USA with high-quality parts and marine grade 16AWG cables for easy installation and durability.

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